About us

The Overview

Chandra Group is one of the fastest growing business conglomerates with a strong presence in the core electronic distribution sector.

The saga of the Chandra Group of companies began in the year 1961, with the establishment of Electronic Systems at Falna, in the District Pali of Rajasthan. Initially, the company made its presence felt in the marketplace through its sole sector- electronic distribution. Slowly, through constant market surveys, research, innovation and development, the group diversified into many sectors that include Advertising, Event Management, Hospitality, Communication, Real Estate, Health and Fitness, Software and IT Solutions.

Chandra’s motto is to provide job opportunities with excellent work atmosphere. Consolidate our position as leaders in all our areas of operations. Respond quickly to market and gain competitive advantage in all our activity.

While embarking upon the varied diversifications, the group also kept on it's spree into the electronic industry by constantly opening new electronic retail showrooms all over Rajasthan. The spree acquired greater pace in 2010 when it started Ganesham electronic retail chain in a franchise format.

vision & mission


Our vision is to create and operate a globally diversified business group, by nurturing relationships, infusing team spirit and promoting human excellence.


Enabling each sector of our diversified business group to explore and create a new world of solutions and possibilities for our business associates.

Today, this mission is more important than ever to our customers and members. We work hard every day in all our markets to deliver on this promise. We operate with the same level of integrity and respect. It is because of these values and culture that Chandra continues to make a difference in the lives of our customers, members and associates.

Our Values

We respect the relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers. Wherever we do business, we understand and respect the lifestyles, practices, cultures and interests of all our associates.

We respect our commitments and keep our word. We deal honestly with customers, employees and suppliers. We demonstrate this integrity both individually and collectively.

Everywhere Chandra does business; we help to develop the local economy, create jobs, provide training and fight exclusion. We apply fair trade practices by promoting the sharing of value. We also express solidarity within our group, regardless of our profession, function or banner.

Thinking big and aiming high is out motto. We support progress and the development of new technologies to serve the needs of people. As perpetual pioneers, we embrace change and encourage innovation.

We leverage our expertise and strengths to create value, which is shared among customers, employees, shareholders, partners and suppliers.

We fully accept the consequences of our actions on our customers, company, employees, institutions and the environment. We empower all our employees to take initiative and give them the freedom to act as entrepreneurs.

Management Team

Lalit Dhoka Managing Director

Mr. Lalit is Chandra's founding director and grew the company to more than 500 employees and profitability. He continues to share responsibility for Chandra's day-to-day operations with his team. Mr. Lalit value relations, and this ways keep motivating his team.

Mamta Dhoka Director

Mrs Mamta Dhoka a lady with all her grace and charm. An ideal wife and a perfect mother. She sets a true example of the saying that "Behind every successful man, there is a woman". She has always being a strong supporter of Mr. Lalit Dhoka.

Amit Dhoka Director

Mr. Amit Dhoka is heading operations and business development of CTSPL. An MBA from UK; he has Established Chandra Group in 9 different segments. Extensive experience in marketing and business relations with MNC's, Public and private sector professionals. With a his vision and dynamic leadership he sets the path for fast growth of CSTPL to reach greater heights.

Mudrika Dhoka Director

Mudrika Dhoka is one of the core founder of CTSPL. An MBA from USA and currently handling Chandra Trio she is a proven team builder with deep technical skills. She is passionate about solving problems with her creativity and skills. She has experience in handling clients from various domains such as Telecom, Electronics, Government & Banking & Finance Sector.

Ashish Dhoka Director

Having a UAE background Ashish is responsible for leading and directing the retail managing functions. Restructuring inside and outside sales department Ashish always makes best of his efforts to increase the company sales.

Ridhima Dhoka Director

Ridhima brings a great deal of executive-level experience to Chandra, where she is responsible for managing and handling the smooth working of Gold's Gym. She has a deep understanding of predictive modelling techniques including Regression, Time Series Technique, Econometric Analysis, Optimization, and Machine Learning.

Viral ShahDirector

Proven hands-on experience in applying complex techniques to solve business problems in accounts department. He has years of experience in accounting, operating and financial management expertise. Viral is basically an MBA, and acts as a backbone in accounts department of Chandra group.